Friday, October 12, 2012

KIBAKI was willing to meet MKAPA but NOT Koffi ANNAN

A source has revealed to the Kenyan DAILY POST that President Mwai Kibaki was willing to meet former Tanzanian President Benjamin Mkapa but not Kofi Annan during the pair’s tour of Kenya that ended today.

Annan and Mkapa have been in Kenya since Monday as part of the African Unions Panel of Eminent Personalities. The panel was in Kenya to do a ‘status report’ tour of how much progress the country has made in implementing the reforms contained in the National Accord and the constitution.

During their press conference today, Annan revealed that the panel had tried to set up a meeting with Kibaki but failed due to scheduling difficulties. Annan said, perhaps a little sarcastically, that it was understandable that the President could not find time to meet them because ‘he is a busy man.’

This is the second time that Kibaki has snubbed Annan. The first time was about two months ago when Annan had also visited the country on such a mission.

Kibaki’s ‘unwillingness to meet’ Annan is perhaps informed by the role the former UN Secretary General played in bringing the President to the negotiating table after he thought he had won the 2007 election with a clear margin.
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