Thursday, February 7, 2013


Despite the fact that she spends more of her life time in United States, Abela Kibira aka Tanzania’s own as she calls herself on Twitter has never forgotten Tanzania where her father Josiah Kibira was born.

“I want to make my country Tanzania proud and represent them in everything that I do,” she says on Twitter.
She is very talented and very beautiful as well so we hope she will make us proud. She expects to visit Tanzania this April but seems to have a little challenge.

“Yeah despite people not wanting me to I think an extended period of time in TZ is needed for me,” she tweets.
Abela E. Kibira was born on September 22nd, 1989. The first child to her American mother and Tanzanian father,her two cultures intertwined through music.

 Her first performances were in church, in school programs, and at special events. Growing up in Wayzata, Minnesota she was incredibly active in the choral programs in middle school, and more rigorously in high school. In 2003 her father released his first feature film through his independent film company Kibira Films International, and Abela was featured on the soundtrack for the film.

Young, fresh and ambitious. She has been studying and performing vocal music her entire life. She is currently experimenting with hip hop, hip hop fusion, reggae and alternative styles of music. 

She was featured on the soundtrack for full length feature film “Bongoland” released in 2003. 

“There still are people in the world who think of the United States as the land of milk, honey and no problems, says Josiah Kibira (her father) and he’s determined to set them straight. The Tanzania native, who lives in Plymouth with his American wife and their children, decided to write and direct a drama in a mix of English and his first language, Swahili.” ”
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